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NOTE: To use the Ibify photo service web application you need to have a browser with javascript support and have javascript enabled.

Ibify for live events and photogalleries

Ibify is a public geolocation based photo service for viewing photos and events in realtime. Watch photos popup on the map in real-time from around the world and follow live-galleries from events as they unfold. Share photos easily and instantly.

Ever felt like sharing your camera-shot with the world? You can! Instantly and without registration. Each uploaded photo is public and contains the exact location of the image. Shared images will popup instantly on the www.ibify.com website and the Ibify mobile application. Currently the Ibify photo service is only available for Android devices.

Create events where you or other Ibify users are going - and the photos taken will instantly appear in a the events live-gallery. In realtime!

Download the free Android app from the android Market at Ibify in Android Market.

No registration required and it's free!


  • Browse top photos & events by geographic location
  • Browse future events by geographics location
  • View photo-galleries of past events
  • View photos in good resolution even on your mobile
  • View the exact location of photos on the map
  • Promote the best photos and events by voting them up
  • You can delete your uploaded photos anytime
  • Getting started: Just launch the app and start browsing!
  • Sharing photos: Just launch the app and press 'Photo!'
This is the public alpha release.